BODOR metal laser cutting machines

Sufra Engineering is the general partner in the Baltic States of the world famous company for the production of industrial laser equipment Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.,Ltd China. We offer our customers:

  • fiber optic laser cutting machines for sheet metal
  • pipe laser cutting equipment
  • combined laser systems
  • related metalworking equipment
  • technical support

Laser metal cutting machines are equipped with MAX Photonics or IPG Photonics fiber laser sources. In our warehouse, we constantly keep consumable parts for the laser cutting head (protective lenses, nozzles, ceramic rings, etc.).

SUFRA Engineering specialists perform all installation, tuning, commissioning and training work. All technical and commercial issues are resolved quickly and qualitatively.

Why Bodor lasers are popular all over the world:

Cutting head with autofocus in the base:
ease of setup,
high quality and cutting speed

Portal made of light aviation aluminum:
lifetime warranty
speed up to 200 m/min,
acceleration up to 4G.

IPG/MaxPhotonics sources:

fast receipt of the necessary parts from Hungary

rental and source integration

Get a profitable commercial offer right now!

    Get a profitable commercial offer right now!